Since its inception in 2015, Iniciativa has led advocacy efforts around the health crisis in Puerto Rico, the need to address the fiscal crisis, fought for immigrant rights and helped build a strong Hispanic and Puerto Rican base in Central Florida.  

Iniciativa also has a track record on convening community around issues that are important in the Puerto Rican and Hispanic community such as the need to offer assistance and programs to the mass influx of Hispanics coming in the last four years.  

Proyecto CASA

Proyecto CASA served over 500 survivors of Hurricane Maria through case management services connecting them to housing, job opportunities, food, emergency assistance and other basic human needs. 

CASA served 80 people through English classes offered at no cost at two locations across the County. 

Expanded the English program at Horizon Middle School in Osceola where over 83 students have actively participated and their children receive tutoring. The program continues today.

Offered 5 career development workshops for aspiring or current teachers in the school system through another one of our efforts, Maestros Puertorriqueños en Accion (Puerto Rican Teachers in Action).  

Hurricane Maria Relief

CASA – Coordinadora de Apoyo, Solidaridad y Ayuda (Coordinator of Support, Solidarity and Help).  CASA was launched as an umbrella coalition to provide relief to victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico.

CASA emerged as the largest initiative for Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Central Florida in 2017 and 2018.  It galvanized support from leaders from various sectors including the nonprofit, business and government sectors from across the state. 

Over 500 volunteers participated in the relief efforts, dozens of shipping containers with supplies were sent to the island and over $140,000 was raised with the help of I Heart media. 

Notably, Orange County Government generously donated a warehouse on Goldenrod Rd to IAP for six months for its disaster relief efforts.